The Lack of Critical Thinking in Journalism.

We definitely need more critical thinking on how to resolve this… the 1st of many blogs I hope …

Utting-Wolff Spouts

The Media and its Reporting of ME

Many have described, far better than I, the numerous indignities inflicted on your typical ME sufferer by the modern media. Whether relating to their inability to name it correctly, ME, CFS, Yuppie Flu, Chronic Fatigue, subtle hint journalists the latter two don’t exist as medically defined conditions, or the various treatments/cures we have hoisted upon us. Personally I’ve lost count of the number of friends and relatives who think my neurological condition would be cured instantaneously were I only to take more cold baths or eat vomit-inducing quantities of raw vegetables. The term ‘chronic fatigue’ rankles especially, as it is a symptom of numerous illnesses from glandular fever to cancer yet its use in the media is solely as a synonym for ME.

My primary complaint regarding the media is their inability to engage even the semblance of critical thinking when it comes…

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