New Year…. ummm to do list

Always hope...

We always have hope……

As it’s 2015 a new year and all that….. I think it’s perhaps time to start to blog in a meaningful way…. but as the title suggests they will be short… ( I currently have the attention span of a goldfish… )

I feel that the new year beckons some changes…. I know I can’t in all honesty carry on in my crazy unstructured way…. as my health is not good I’m going to try systematically to introduce some more structure…… I may even have an attempt at keeping this blog more current…… ( kinda what I achieved today ) not much but it’s the small things that count…..  Today’s offering update blog….. delete 48 spam messages… respond to some I hadn’t even seen..ooops…….

Whoooo ( need a bit of a rest now) 🙂 xxxx


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