P2P FOIA Documents, Part 5—ME/CFS P2P Violates NIH Rules, Woot Woot!

Thoughts About M.E.

Starting in August of last, year, NIH went through the elaborate process of rebranding the program that had until then been known as the Evidence-based Methodology Workshop (“EbMW”). The new shiny brand that emerged after an enormous bureaucratic effort—whose necessity is less than obvious and that would make Monty Python proud—is “Pathways to Prevention” or “P2P.” And here are emails* letting us watch the unfolding of this comedy-drama.

The emails linked to in this post will provide as much comic relief (Just stick with it; the funny parts are in the second half.) as they are bound to provoke some outrage about NIH’s comfort level in wasting valuable taxpayer money on window-dressing projects when ME/CFS desperately needs, more than any other disease, some serious financial commitment from NIH to ME/CFS research. It will never cease to amaze me how there is somehow money to be found for paper-pusher projects, such as this one, and yet nearly no…

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