How very strange!!!

It’s getting a little weird… this mornings post …. a letter dated 24th August stating they haven’t received my form arrived on the 31st August…. saying I can have an extra 14 days to send my form back to them …. it was posted on Thursday 29th August…. my date for the form to be back was the 5th September….

I must admit I still felt a little sick as the envelope dropped on the floor… knowing that they couldn’t have been that quick making a decision…. but the thought crossed my mind this could be the start of them reassessing my ESA… another battle I’m sure is just around the corner…. how is this even a possibility… that we have people who are so sick but who are constantly put under this type of pressure…. why have we got a system that is dehumanising ..,

I am going to be absolutely honest with you… I’m finding this so hard… I actually felt some relief after the form was posted … thinking I can do no more it’s in their hands now….. but I know this process is long and drawn out…. plus some people’s accounts of how they have finally sorted it out only to be reassessed immediately after so the battle started again….

I suppose I should be thankful… I mean they gave me an extra 14 days and I didn’t even ask for it….

Given it’s gone second class post I think it might have been a good call on their part…. (sarcasm is on high setting today)

I don’t think that all who work for the DWP are cruel or unfeeling… I can’t imagine how hard it must be at times… because it’s a job they have families and homes to support…. I’ve in truth.. always been treated with respect and compassion… I’ve had help and support… but because this process is so badly designed it causes harm…. a great deal of harm….

Suicide rates are significantly higher… hardship because you are so sick you can’t work seems such a punitive measure… remembering if you are sick an disabled it wasn’t a lifestyle choice…. money means the difference between surviving an having a life or no life …. are we really going to treat people so badly….

I’m going to keep telling you all how this is affecting me… because we have thousands like me … who don’t have anyone listening to them … if this helps one person to not feel alone… then it’s been worth my valuable time and energy sharing it with you all… thank you for listening..

Love and light ❤️


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