The Lancet’s representation on Social Media on 4th March 2015: Part 2.

Disappointed is an understatement… the responses are I feel a very poor excuse for totally inappropriate behaviour of a so called professional… but to be honest I didn’t expect anything that reassembled a apology… just more side stepping.. thank you for trying Claudia xxx

Utting-Wolff Spouts

As we promised in our post dated 05/03/2015, please find below the communication between Dr Gillberg (Claudia) and The Lancet regarding abuse towards certain members of the ME community by Pam Das, a Senior Editor on that journal. A copy of Claudia’s letter can be found in our previous post; 

Dr Horton’s reply,

Dear Dr Gillberg – Many thanks for your note. We will look into this incident. I appreciate you taking the trouble to write and please be assured that we will take your complaint seriously.

My best, Richard

To which Claudia responded:

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your prompt reply and offer to look into the incident, it is much appreciated.

Best wishes,


After a couple of weeks, having heard nothing further from Dr Horton, Claudia sent a reminder re his assurance about looking into the incident;

Dear Dr. Horton,

Dear Dr. James,

Further to our…

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