I mustered all my energy….

So I took the brave step …. I had contemplated leaving ringing them for a couple of weeks…. but to be honest I needed to get the ball rolling…. I read through the letter again…. I needed to have a few things to hand to help the process…. standard stuff … but in my somewhat […]


So it begins…

My journey to be able to live… I’m being asked if I want to continue to get the help because I’m to sick to work… in truth I’m to sick to actually achieve daily functions … I’m talking about eating food an getting dressed.. let’s not discuss the washing situation.. or hair washing… I’ve been […]

One letter details the fierce opposition to another of Theresa May’s government appointments

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PRESS RELEASE: Over 65 Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations, campaigners and mental health professionals have signed a letter opposing the appointment of Professor Sir Simon Wessely to lead the independent review of the Mental Health Act as announced in Theresa May’s speech at this year’s Conservative party conference: “Dear Prime…

Getting about…the least of his worries!

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? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9263502/Iain-Duncan-Smith-Im-not-scared-to-light-the-fuse-on-disability-reform.html  This article has been playing through my mind overnight.   ? Especially these sentences: “It’s not like incapacity benefit, it’s not a statement of sickness,” Mr Duncan Smith says of the benefit. “It is a gauge of your capability.“In other words, do you need care, do you need support…

Professor Steven Lubet’s Letter to Simon Wessely.

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We had to provide a link to this superb letter written to Simon Wessely by Professor Steven Lubet concerning the PACE trial and the former’s enthusiastic support of said study despite its innumerable flaws, http://www.thefacultylounge.org/2016/11/an-open-letter-to-dr-simon-wessely-defender-of-the-pace-study.html We particularly like the paragraph, ‘You compare the PACE Trial to an ocean liner plotting…