It’s arrived!!!

So my medical report from my assessment last Friday has arrived in the post today….

I was told that I wouldn’t have the decision from the DWP for possibly another 4 to 6 weeks… but from the indicators on the report… she has actually given me enough points for standard on both mobility an daily living…. making me potentially £152-00 a month worse off… that is if they actually go with her report recommendations….,

As you can imagine I’m upset about this situation… I mean they are supposed to be looking after disabled people… not pushing them into more hardship…. I wouldn’t say she has lied per-say but there are some omissions .. plus she has seriously not accounted for my condition…. the inability to do things repeatedly an reliably… she completely ignored my cognitive issues…

So I’m in that fun place waiting again…. let’s see how the DWP fair …. given this I feel is a cost cutting excise…. potentially they will save money on me …. well if I don’t fight for the proper award….

I’m not in any fit shape to deal with this …. why has it become my problem to prove I’m sick an need support….. why are they believed beyond doubt…. we should actually have something legally we can do to stop this bullying behaviour… it’s all based on fear….. how the hell is ok to bully sick people ….

I’m to tired for all this …. an to sick …

Watch this space.. love an light .. ❤️

Thank you so much for following my journey.. I know I’m not alone x


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