So I had my assessment!!!!

That’s how I feel….. as I only had less than 48hrs noticed…. it wasn’t really a problem because it’s not like I have a full social calendar…lol ..

The lady who arrived at 11-45am was genuinely nice…. she was understanding and seemed to be knowledgeable about my condition… plus how it impacts my daily life…. she was with me just under an hour…. I had no physical examination as I was in enough pain…. plus my energy at the end of the assessment was apparently clearly depleted….

I’ve had to rest considerably after the massive use of my energy…. this is day 4…. my next job is to get the medical report… then wait six weeks for the decision to be made ….

To say it’s stressful is an understatement…. I’m not well enough to go into battle…. let’s hope it’s a good decision…. resting because I can’t actually do anything else ….

Love and light … many thanks for reading my ramblings ❤️


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