My Medical Report…..

So I rang the DWP….. I nearly gave up on the process….. 20 minutes on hold listening to Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons….. enough to make you give up the will to live …..

But I was in for a treat…. the gentleman I spoke to was clearly extremely efficient…. he also had a lovely accent…. he was absolutely an advertisement for how one should be treated….. he told me he had actually received my assessment….plus he was going to print it out and send it to me….. he actually kept me on hold for approximately 3min while he went and collected said report…. he then checked it to make sure it was all printed ok….. he explained what exactly would happen next plus how long it was until the decision…. he assures me it would probably be less than 4 -6 weeks….. plus that the report was only guidelines….. not sure if that good or bad…… it’s also slightly weird to note that I can see the report before the DWP has made their decision….

Anyhoo…. I’m resting up as I can do no more at present…..

Eternally grateful for how I’ve been treated so far…. the report itself will take a few days to arrive…. so just going to wait and see ….

Patience is a virtue…. gawd I need this to be sorted…

Love and light… thank you for listening xxx ❤️


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