So time to give the brown envelope back… let’s see how they like it !!! 😉

Phew … it’s on it’s way back to the powers that be……

This has been a difficult task… one I couldn’t tackle alone…. plus it would seem my body didn’t want to play ball…. weather this was coincidental or a unfortunate occurrence I don’t know…. but on Saturday I spent a considerable time on the floor… not totally sure what happened… it could have been down to trying LDN… but it also could have been down to the ridiculous process of changing from a lifetime award of DLA to PIP….

I know this is nothing new…. we all have to endure the system…. but can we not try to treat people with respect… the form is completely not fit for purpose…. well I’ve not filled it with reams of supporting evidence… I don’t have any… I don’t see any specialist…. because they can’t do anything… I don’t actually see my doctor because she can’t do anything…. I don’t really see anyone much at all…. apart from my online friends…. who totally understand this illness….

So now we wait for the next step…. that will be the we want you to come for an assessment…. but I did state that I’m mostly housebound… so a home assessment is necessary….. I wonder if my disability will be taken into account… I wait with wonderment….

It’s out of my hands now…. a sense of slight relief is a welcome feeling…. but I’m sure that’s probably not going to last long ….

Will write more when I have news…. this process isn’t going to be quick… I have my fingers crossed that the postal system will deliver said brown envelope…. on a point of principle I will not pay for sending it…. so it’s in the hands of others now…..

Thank you for being with me on this journey…. Love an light ❤️

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