Burnt out…. !!!

I’ve spent the past week struggling with reading through the new PIP application…. yet another week of feeling sick to the pit of my stomach… you ask why?… so here it is ….

I have had to look over the details of my every day limitations of my life …. (not easy ) see how I can answer the endless questions….. when in my head I’m screaming…. this isn’t a bloody life…. it’s a half life … maybe not even that..

How do I explain that every single process takes my energy…. so much so I run out of energy for the basic tasks… I don’t want or need pity ….. I don’t want to look over my life and feel more inadequate ….worthless…. but this process makes you feel like that…. when I said it is dehumanising it truly is…..

I want everyone to know just how abhorrent this process is….

Thankfully my daughter is helping me..(Tink is an angel) …. so her clear concise answers are a welcome help…. we will together give the DWP what they deem a necessity…. I really would like to scrawl across the form nothing has changed….I’m still sick…. I still need support…. but I fear that wouldn’t work…

So I’m going to comply with the requirements….. even though it will definitely make me sicker….

On a plus point I had my hair done and nails painted…so looking absobloodylutly fabulous darlings …..

Thank you for reading… the next fun packed instalment soonish… love an light ❤️h


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