So it’s arrived… another brown envelope!!!!

It’s Monday morning post… the forms have arrived… I’m going through the process of changing from a lifetime award of DLA to the new benefit PIP …. 40 pages of questions… all to help them to decide if you need financial help to live ….

I am at this point unable to understand how filling this in will actually help them to understand how I live …. the form is so bias and inadequate for its purpose ….

I’ve been reading some personal stories about the process they have endured… unbelievably heartbreaking… I have to wonder why we have such a punitive system for sick an disabled people…

I’ve realised that going through how I manage to live day to day just focusing on what I can’t do makes me feel pretty bad…. I’ve had years to come up with short cuts to daily living…. now I have to go the process of breaking down my life to jump through hoops …. I’m already struggling just reading through the form …

The postmark was 5th August… it arrived on the 12th August…. I have to have it back in by 5th September…. well actually before that plus the envelope is 2nd class post … so you can probably trim of three days minimum for that …. all additional pressure…

It will get done…

I’ve just realised that my Saturday update wasn’t actually published… so it’s just been done… oh dear this probably won’t get published for a week… as you can tell cognitive issues already in full foggy swing ….

I think I would rather do anything else than this…. sustained stress isn’t good for anyone.. least of all someone who is so sick … this is the point I really could do with a magic wand… given so many people have wished me good luck in this …. I’m a tad concerned…. really should this be down to luck …?

Awaiting some divine intervention… maybe I need chocolate… do you think it might help … thank you for reading my ramblings..

Love and light xxx


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