So it begins…

My journey to be able to live… I’m being asked if I want to continue to get the help because I’m to sick to work… in truth I’m to sick to actually achieve daily functions … I’m talking about eating food an getting dressed.. let’s not discuss the washing situation.. or hair washing…

I’ve been waiting for this letter to drop on the mat for over two years… this is me going from (DLA) a lifelong award because of my illness to PIP the new benefits for the disabled…. it’s broken down into how much extra help you need to have to function in the real world… well in theory….

So I will explain at a later date because this blog is going to chart my journey…. how the process is causing real and serious harm to people….

I’m a fairly tenacious person.. I don’t let things affect me to much … but I’m going to be honest…. this has me feeling sick to the pit of my stomach… why you ask… I mean everyone says if you are genuinely ill you will be fine … just tell the truth… ummm that’s the rub …. it would seem that no matter how long you have been sick or how sick you are … or how much support you have .. or how many doctors you see ( I’m mostly to sick to go to the doctors) it makes no difference….

So I’m playing the waiting game now… I have to ring the DWP to tell them I definitely need to continue to receive help as I’m to sick to work… I will write more as things happen…

I did actually notice that I’m slightly relieved as the process has started… so the impending doom has lifted.. I’m in it now… it’s a rollercoaster…. can you imagine how it feels…. I know I’m not alone… thousands have gone before me …. but at this moment i feel very alone….

Thank you lovelies for listening to me … onwards and upwards ❤️


3 thoughts on “So it begins…

  1. Reblogged this on Carole… and commented:
    The brown letter drops on the doormat and only those who rely completely upon benefits when chronically sick can understand the sheer dread and stress it causes. This blogger has been sick for a very long time, in receipt of a lifelong award for Disabled Living Allowance, but like many before her, including my husband Clive, who transferred over to PIP last year but only after going through and entire year of stress…she is now being forced to explain her illness to continue receiving the money she needs to live

    She will have to use energy she doesn’t have spare, most days it’s a struggle for her to wash and feed herself, to complete the large questionnaire type form and also she has to endure the stress and fear of wondering if she’s said enough or the right things to get across how it is to live with a chronic disabling autoimmune disorder. It’s the beginning of her journey transitioning from DLA to Personal Independence Payment so I hope those of you who understand the process can wish her well on this path and those who don’t understand it can read her blog over the coming months and see how she copes with it all. I’m sure it’ll open your eyes to how difficult it all is. I imagine it’s going to be a warts and all story filled with her feelings and frustrations but above all I hope it’s going to run smoothly and that the DWP treat her with respect and compassion.

  2. Good luck transferring over to PIP, it can be a scary process but by taking it little bits at a time you’ll get through it,hopefully to your satisfaction.

    There’s a great website called Benefits and Work which have great resources and a wealth of helpful advice on what you must say when filling in the form

    It help me a great deal in 2014 when I got transferred from life time DLA to enhanced care and mobility under PIP.

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