The Age of Ignorance.

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Utting-Wolff Spouts

This was a difficult post to write as I was unsure whether or not to ignore such ignorant writing concerning ME, depriving it of the oxygen of publicity, or to confront the idiocy. Such is the level of scientific illiteracy displayed in the book, ‘Exhaustion, A History’ by Anna Katharina Schaffner, I felt I had no choice but to adopt the latter option. Schaffner is another supporter of the BPS model and, given the number of times they are mentioned, a keen admirer of both Sir Simon Wessely and professor Edward Shorter. Concerning the title, I’m not sure about the age of exhaustion but given such books are able to be published and that a large proportion of US citizens believe Donald Trump is a viable presidential candidate, I believe the age of ignorance would be a more accurate description. Reading through her monograph it is notable how often tenuous…

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