You can’t plead to a bully but you can plead to a crowd.

So true… I think we have been bullied for long enough…

­     The CDC wants to project an image which says “we listen,” “we will work with you,” “we care“. The patients in the trenches know that’s not the way it is. The CDC wants to maintain a positive image. One thing they do to improve that image is to create events where patient advocates can go and speak. The advocates give advice and the CDC can take the advice or not. History provides ample evidence that they rarely adopt these recommendations. The events are more about the appearance of listening rather than providing a real opportunity to create solutions. These meetings have too many restrictions. The advocates have no power at these events. We have no vote at the table, no guarantee of print space, and no authority. They wouldn’t have it any other way. The advocates who attend have good intentions and work…

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