Losses and Poverty.

Such a familiar situation we sick find ourselves left and neglected… great blog as ever ..

Utting-Wolff Spouts

Sometimes I run out of words to describe the world I live in. Words have failed me for quite a long time now so I thought it might be good to pop in and say hello. After all, the New Year is more than one month old and I have to start living in it somehow. This I find harder with each passing year as a chronically ill person, and by the look of things a so-called normal life remains the stuff of daydreams. Meantime, in the real world, people are dying like flies due to medical and political neglect and a far right-wing think tank in the UK has suggested the sick and disabled be pushed down the social ladder a few more rungs, ideally to pavement level where disgruntled citizens will have the opportunity to set fire to their tents and cardboard boxes[1]*. For even if there were…

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