No Dissing! NHS Choices Behind the Headlines needs to repair relationship with its readers

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Quick Thoughts

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Although by no means perfectly dependable, the NHS Choices Behind the Headlines is generally a useful resource for lay and professional consumers bombarded by distorted coverage of science and health information in the media.

I cheered the headline and NHS Choices Behind the Headlines’ coverage  of a PLOS Medicine article

Half of medical reporting ‘is subject to spin’

According to its website

NHS Choices Behind the Headlines

Is intended for both the public and health professionals, and endeavours to:

  • explain the facts behind the headlines and give a better understanding of the science that makes the news,

  • provide an authoritative resource for GPs that they can rely on when talking to patients, and

  • become a trusted resource for journalists and others involved in the dissemination of health news.

NHS choicesThe website explains its origins:

Behind the Headlines is the brainchild of Sir Muir Gray, who…

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