Professional ethics and the censoring of debate

Great blog absolutely we need to be able to speak out about our illness not be ridiculed into silence ..

Utting-Wolff Spouts

This is my response to a number of comments on a Facebook thread. A debate took place concerning whether or not ME sufferers should be encouraged to keep quiet about their suffering because certain medical professionals are ‘laughing at them’.

I am extremely disturbed about such comments and this is why.

One tenet of every profession is to act and behave with integrity and to do no harm, that includes more professions than the medical, for instance social and natural scientists. There is a strong element of accountability that is taught on any decent PhD programme. Ill people do not need to follow the politics of appeasement merely because there is a powerful school of thought oppposing them. I have been informed that certain members of the Wessely School integrate blog posts by ME sufferers into their talks or lectures in order to ridicule them. The argument has been made…

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