change in priority…

Life is for living… the pause button has been on for far to long… my wish to just recover and slip back into the world i dropped out of … is quite frankly never going to happen… so acceptance is the order of the day….. this is my life… i can continue to try to make a difference..or i can say stuff it ive done all i can…

You dismantle your life… into doable sections.. ever mindful that at any given moment things can be snatched away… simple tasks like having a bath… walking to the bathroom…. chewing food… talking on the phone… reading comments on FB… we play this balancing act….

Well ive had enough… my limits have been reached .. im doing this now… in all truth it could be all change in a few weeks… I’ve become restless.. battling against the system… i had a brown envelope drop on the mat… ironically it was them telling me they hadn’t given me my £10-00 Christmas bonus for three years…. im a bit tired and a bit jaded by it all… so im going to ponder a while… and wonder what i can do… eat some nice food… laugh at stuff.. take a bit not give so much.. i guess just live a bit 💜


6 thoughts on “change in priority…

  1. You should definitely “live a bit”, Chris! Advocacy is draining and it seems it’s always the same people fighting for us. And those people are for the most part “us”, not healthy people nor even those who have ME but are functioning at high levels. Life is short and we all need to make sure we use our limited energy in a way that brings us happiness. Do whatever brings you joy — and come back to advocacy when and if you feel like it. ❤

  2. Hope that you’ve had a good chill.

    Have followed the blog for a couple of years. I often don’t comment as I feel ‘enough said’ about things. I’m chronically ill too and often just don’t have the wherewithal either; I also wonder sometimes what the ‘point’ is in bothering as no one may care what I think.

    But here’s the thing. People who have blogged for a long time (I’ve never been able to keep up with mine), are regularly ‘giving’, and not often ‘receiving’ with regard to people bothering to comment. So I thought I’d just add a word or 2 here.

    Thank you for the re blogging that you’ve done’ it’s been very useful in terms of my illness; I’ve enjoyed reading ‘Utting’ and other links.

    Take care.

    Sasson Hann

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