Proud to be Ignorant?

Wonderfully eloquent … hitting the proverbial nail on the head…

Utting-Wolff Spouts

The last thing I want to do in this blog post is provide more publicity for Suzanne O’Sullivan’s ignorant meanderings concerning ME [1] but I’d like to make a broader point regarding the inability of parts of the medical profession and their cheerleaders in the media (I’m talking about you David Aaronovitch) to accept that ME is a physical disease demonstrating numerous organic abnormalities.

What I find interesting is the apparent need in modern society to disparage a large group of chronically ill people. Why do the likes of Dr O’Sullivan or David Aaronovitch, and others too numerous to mention, feel the need to continually use their positions of power and influence to victimize and abuse a group of severely ill patients, some of whom have died from the disease? Have they any concept of the upset and despair they can cause? Having your life stolen by an awful disease…

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