Hate speech is not knowledge

Far to many with the ability to write opinion should refrain… shorter is one of them…. knowledge is about sharing not dictating… great blog with poignant highlights ..

Utting-Wolff Spouts

One of my special interests is knowledge production: how do we create knowledge and how is that knowledge then perceived and received? Bear with me, this is not empty waffle, I assure you. Think about it for a moment, how do we know what we know? We can only know what we know when others validate that knowledge in some way. It is in the application of knowledge and in our actions knowledge will reveal itself. Of course I am biased, I have an epistemological standpoint that can roughly be explained thusly: knowledge has to be meaningful in order to make sense. Without sense, there is no genuine knowledge.

Upon reading through Professor Shorter’s work[1] (Shorter’s original, vitriolic, article in Psychology Today had been removed) it becomes obvious to me that he is a privileged man who speaks from a privileged position of power. The bias shines through via the…

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