Behavioral Health: Undue Influence by NIH on IOM ME/CFS Study

I’m not holding my breath…. just imagine how far we would be if they actually listened to those of us who are sick… not wanting time an money on this fiasco… great blog as ever Jeannette x

Thoughts About M.E.

This coming Tuesday is the day of the unveiling of the IOM report on a new clinical case definition and new name for ME/CFS commissioned by HHS for $1 million. Although HHS did everything in their power to lobby for the IOM, the report lacks in credibility in ways too numerous to list here. So, let me focus on one, the strong appearance of undue influence by NIH on the IOM resulting in the inclusion of behavioral-health specialists on the IOM ME/CFS committee.

NIH’s Insistence on Including Behavioral Health

Many of you may remember HHS’s touting of the IOM as an institution that provides objective and independent advice. That does not jibe with the charge by Steven Coughlin, PhD, MPH, adjunct professor of epidemiology at Emory University in Atlanta, and others, that the IOM was influenced in rendering past Gulf War Illness reports by the sponsoring agency, the VA, to include “speakers…

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