So not wanting to rehash all that has been in the press… I’m left yet again with a feeling of impending doom….. I’m yet to fully understand the true implications of this bit of current new research… but it’s not doing much for the most severe suffer….. nobody is doing much for the most severe […]


its not over till the fat lady sings

The silly IOM ( institute of morons ) renamed of our illness S.E.I.D. my memory is so shot from having Myalgic Encephalomyelitis I can’t remember what the so called new name is…. it doesn’t have a WHO code ..or a very good definition… but that doesn’t matter does it…. I do know how these government […]

A proposal

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This post is not what you might have expected; it even has a working title: Growing up with ME: surviving childhood and becoming an adult while chronically ill We would like to invite you to participate in an anthology on children with ME. If you are an adult who became…