The Secret Files Unwrapped: Part I – the importance of fair and accurate records

Perhaps it is time to make our history about this illness… great blog Valerie…


I created this blog in August 2012 to publish my investigations into the so-called “Secret files on ME/CFS”. It was set up rather hurriedly in order to counteract some misinformation which was circulating at the time. My work was not finished when I started the blog and it took me some time to complete the process. In the absence of any proper treatment for ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), my health continues to deteriorate and my progress is painfully slow. (Note: the name of this illness is hotly disputed. For the purposes of this blog, I adopt the term “ME/CFS” as my least worst compromise).

The full story of my work on getting these files opened up is set out in my earlier post However, this is a brief summary of the background to the files, taken from that post:

“For several years, there had been considerable speculation and rumour surrounding some “secret” files on ME/CFS  (the illness I have lived with…

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