Our Primed, Incurious and Compliant Media: the infamous PACE trial

I know this goes against my short blog thing…. but it’s so worth a read… plus well worth a share x

Utting-Wolff Spouts

To continue the meme relating to the media’s inadequacy when it comes to coverage of ME matters, I shall mention the PACE trial*, a study unique in its lack of scientific rigour and general awfulness. If it weren’t for NICE using the trial as a guide on how to mistreat ME sufferers and the abysmal way it was reported in the media, thanks Science Media Centre (more on them later), PACE would be an ‘amusing’ tale of a group of psychiatrists managing to obtain £5 million pounds from the British taxpayer for a trial that was scientifically flawed in every way imaginable. One can only assume that the large amount invested, including uniquely, money from the DWP, and the people involved are the reason the medical establishment resolutely defends it from criticism.

I’ll describe the ‘methodology’ behind PACE using the well-known and beloved tortoise analogy. If, following a period of…

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