CMS posts ICD-10-CM Release for 2015; confirms Partial Code Freeze extension; reminder, SSD proposals

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This report updates on the revised timeline for implementation of ICD-10-CM, the Partial Code Freeze timeline, the ICD-10-CM Release for 2015 files, and a reminder of the deadline for objections to the insertion of DSM-5’s Somatic symptom disorder into ICD-10-CM.

[For reminder of deadline for objections to proposed insertion of Somatic symptom disorder into ICD-10-CM, skip to red subheading.]

On April 1, 2014, Bill H.R. 4302, known as the PAM Act (Protecting Access to Medicare Act), was signed into law by President Obama.

As a result of a quietly inserted clause piggybacking on this Bill, implementation of ICD-10-CM was delayed by a further year. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has confirmed that the effective implementation date for ICD-10-CM is now October 1, 2015.

Until that time, the codes in ICD-10-CM (the U.S. specific adaptation of the WHO’s ICD-10) are not valid for any purpose or…

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