IOM Meeting: Open? Participate At Your Own Risk

I used to think debate was a good thing… I’ve changed my thinking.. It’s futile ..

Thoughts About M.E.

The third IOM meeting of the committee tasked with the development of a new case definition for ME/CFS will be held on May 5th and 6th, 2014.

According to the IOM’s listserv message from yesterday, “[on the afternoon of May 5, the committee will hold an information-gathering session that will be open to the public. Interested individuals will be able to attend the open session in person at the National Academies of Science building or virtually via webcast.” [emphasis added] Written comments may be submitted prior to the meeting. If they are submitted by April 23, 2014, the “will be distributed to the committee before the meeting.”

“Open” Meeting

Before people get too excited about the fact that parts of the meeting are open to the public, let’s be clear that the IOM’s understanding of what constitutes a public meting is peculiar at best. There will…

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