Positive Thinking? Aye Right!

Ordinary Miracles

Recently, someone asked me how I was doing and I responded: absolutely fine for someone with no man, career, health and in the process of an enforced sale of my home. What’s more I meant it. Because how you’re feeling can be down to your attitude of mind, how you choose to think about your situation.

This reminded me of an exchange I had had on Twitter where I had argued against the proposition that there is power in positive thinking. So, have I just contradicted my argument? Let me explore this a little further.

Thinking happens both automatically and purposely. There is a whole spectrum of thinking–negative, catastrophic, positive, realistic, optimistic, dreaming, imagining and so on. Thinking influences the way we behave, the emotions we have and how we interact with ourselves and others. Can choosing to think in a particular way influence our health, particularly our physical health?

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