Update: A 12 Point Skinny on ICD-11

dx revision watch

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Update on February 25, 2014

Note: In reply to the posting of a link on February 10, on Action for M.E. Facebook page, for the Dx Revision Watch post: Update on classification of the ICD-10 G93.3 categories within the ICD-11 Beta draft published February 8, 2014, Action for M.E. responded:

“Our view is that M.E./CFS is a physical neurological illness and we will challenge any attempt to wrongly classify it as a psychiatric or mental disorder. We have already discussed this issue with other charities with a view to collaborating in opposing any such move by the WHO. Our CEO has also raised the issue with the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on M.E. with a view to encouraging political opposition to such a move.”

Today, Annette Brooke was scheduled to raise an Oral Question in the House of Commons:


Business Today: Chamber…

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