You can become your own press baron…for as little as a quid? What?

Scriptonite Daily

Last October I discovered I had recently landed my dream job as a senior manager for a charity developing programmes to support those suffering the impacts of austerity and poverty in the UK and was training for the Muddy Mo 10k run for charity.  Overnight, I lost the ability to walk or balance due to viral labrynthitis. Over the months since, I have learned to read, stand and walk all over again.  I used my blog Scriptonite Daily to continue to make a difference while I recuperated.  In that time, the blog has reached almost a million people.  I feel like losing the use of my legs enabled me to find my voice. I need your help to continue writing the blog full time, now that I have recovered

So, I had this crazy idea.  Why not simply ask people who can and want to support the continuance of…

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