What the world does not see of ME…..


this is my contribution…. this is the world nobody sees… well till now…. http://youtu.be/_N7rpizgUL8



I so wish my world was bigger… i wish that none of us who suffer had to do it in fear…. the thought  of what little life we have being made worse because we are sick and disabled…. the govenments treatment of sick and disabled people is called persecution…. many will just not survive through neglect or suicide….. make sure you join in with the #beddingout event….. share your life … your dreams … your fears… lets let everyone know what its really like to live like this……


you can text… you can tweet… you can FB….. you can actually be there…. join in please xxx

2 thoughts on “What the world does not see of ME…..

  1. Reblogged this on Carole… and commented:
    My dear friend Chris shows her life with M.E. her room, her bed and her restrictions. Well Done Chris…so proud of you letting the world see what life is like with a long term, chronic illness.

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