A snowy bed….

A snowy bed....

Wouldn’t this be fun… Watching the world go by… I have accepted I have to spend so much of my time in bed…. What I have a problem with is its location …. So if you had to spend years in bed what would be your dream bed…. Be part of the discussion with #beddingout…

3 thoughts on “A snowy bed….

  1. For all this is beautiful and I can imagine it would be beautiful especially on starry nights I wouldn’t be able to cope with the light (unless the glass had super special darkening qualities for daytime use (which we of course are in bed daytime too) Imagine walking round naked in this lol!

    I’ve just asked my husband about his dream bed. he wants one that he would never need to turn over again (his paraplegia means he turns every half hour or so (once comfortable) but until then some nights it’s every few minutes for hours on end…it’s very disturbing for him and for me too…restlessness and sleeplessness exhausts us both. He wants a wrinkle free bed…no matter how smooth the sheets he feels every single little crease especially on scarred areas of his skin. So his dream bed would be comfy, wrinkle free…soft as a kitten and in a room where there is no light and no noise. Not asking or much is he!

    I’d settle for a new mattress…one that isn’t over 30 years old…maybe that’s why we’re always knackered!

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