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Dette er sterk kost og er blitt lagt på veggen til Lars Th Narvestad, tidligere ass. direktør i Hydro av hans venner. GIVERKONTO er: 2480 0845 633
Dette er årsaken til MEandYou:
____________This is hard to read and has been posted on the …Facebookwall to Lars TH Narvestad, former Vice President of Hydro, a huge oil company. One of his friends has posted it for him. This is the reason for MEandYou:


“Dear friends, family, neighbours, former colleagues and teammates,

For more than 40 years I was able to lead a rich and privileged life, taking me to many parts of the world and enabling me to meet and engage with fantastic people. I am eternally grateful for all the good times and the numerous “Kodak”-moments I shared with so many of you. It was a journey of a full lifetime,Thank You!

It is therefore not with bitterness I tell you that I for the last 8 years have been bedbound with a devastating neuro-immune illness known as ME (CFS). In my case, the disease appears progressive, now tying me to my bed for 22 hours a day, isolating me from everyone and everything that I hold dear.

Despite its seriousness and chronic nature, this disease is largely ignored by the medical community, conveniently explained with psychiatry, and without any meaningful public funding.

If you feel compelled to help me and hundreds of thousands of ME-sufferers, please support a crucial, world-leading research study of the most promising drug in the history of this disease. You can do so by clicking on the link below, “like” and share with your friends, and donate whatever you can spare (and read more about the study and its importance):

for norwegians:

Donations so far have varied from 20 NOK (USD 3.5) to 100.000 NOK (ca. USD 16.000)

All the Best,
Lars Th./ Theo”

PS. This message has been posted to my wall on my behalf, as I am unable to be on Facebook.

…og GIVERKONTO er fortsatt 2480 0845 633
Nå handler det om penger som skal finansiere en studie på 140 ME-syke ved Haukeland sykehus. Bli med.See more


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