My world…My life…My dreams…

My World…..


Its isolated

its mainly the four walls of my room

its the loss of every conceivable hope dwindling before my eyes

its fraught with lies and deceit

its all about money and power they conspire together to cheat us


My Life…..


its a cacophony of despair and disappointment

its fear and trepidation

its endless pain and exasperation

its constant anger and frustration with despair


My Dreams….


its to live again in this world

its to go for long walks along the shoreline

its to go paragliding on the warm thermals looking down on the world

its to sail the warm waters of the azure’s

its good i have my dreams for they keep me safe in a very uncertain world….


2 thoughts on “My world…My life…My dreams…

  1. I admire you greatly Chris. Through all your own challenges in life you still reach out and help others, you continue to campaign and above all you stay cheery and funny…spreading your positivity amongst those who have lost theirs. It’s good to see this other side of you here…opening up to your frustration and your anger at the lack of treatment we face. I hope yours and so many others dreams come true…soon!

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