What is your dream bed ??

What is your dream bed ??

What would you do if you had to spend most of the next 12 months in bed..??


2 thoughts on “What is your dream bed ??

  1. Well first off I’d the plaster on the ceiling of that bedroom fixed lol. No…seriously, I think most people would say that they’d ensure their surroundings were pleasant and pleasing to the eye…spending huge swathes of ones life in one room would make that an essential. But, it would also have to be very functional too which often rules out the beauty aspect It would need to be comfortable too. Above all else though would not concern the bedroom but ones own mind…being housebound or bedroom bound is very traumatising and soul destroying and having a good attitude, an ability to continue finding the small pleasures in life and also ensuring rt heir is some form of support, not only physical but mental/emotional is absolutely essential.

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